Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring is Coming!

On Tuesday February 2nd , the groundhog failed to see his shadow, meaning spring will be coming early this year! Which is great news for us ATV/UTV enthusiasts. If the famous groundhog known as Punxsutawney Phil had seen his shadow, we'd be in for another 6 weeks of winter. So what do we do now that we can expect an early spring? Get our ATVs and UTVs ready to go!

It's important to prep your all-terrain and utility task vehicles to make sure they're running on all cylinders when it comes time to use them again. Here's what you need to do:

  • Check the fuel system - Gas that's been sitting all winter runs the risk of going bad. Parts of bad gasoline usually separate and evaporate, plugging jets and orifices and leading to poor engine performance. To fix this problem, drain old fuel from the tank, ensure tank is clean, then fill with fresh gasoline.
  • Check the battery - Ideally you'll want to be charging your battery every month during the winter, even if you're not reading your ATV or UTV. Whether you have or haven't, you'll still want to get your battery on a charger before it's time for heavy use. Also check your battery's water level, and refill with distilled water if low before charging.
  • Check fluids - Much like a car, you need to keep an eye on your ATV/UTV's fluid levels (oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid, etc.). Check for leaks that may have sprung over the winter. If there are any, you'll need to get those fixed first. It's probably not a bad idea to change the oil and oil filter at this time as well.
  • Check tire pressure - There's a good chance your tires lost some air over the winter, so check your machine's owner's manual and be sure the tire pressure is up to the manufacturer's specifications. This makes for a more enjoyable and fun ride, but most importantly, is critical for safety.
  • Do a good once-over - Look over your machine carefully. Check brake pads, your controls to be sure they're functioning, and that no nuts and bolts are loose anywhere on your ATV or UTV.

If you don’t own an ATV or UTV but would love to rent one, make sure you contact Lad & Lassie’s! We have ATV & UTV rentals available 7 days a week for whatever duration you need. Give us a call at 815-845-2383 for more information or to reserve your rental today!  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gear Up For Spring With The Right ATV/UTV

An all-terrain vehicle, also known as an ATV, is a 3 or 4 wheel vehicle that is operated by a single user.  A utility task vehicle, UTV, is a small, 4-wheel vehicle that seats 2 to 6 people.  Choosing the right machine can help ease your workload and improve your lifestyle during the upcoming spring season.  But how do you know what recreational vehicle is right for you?  It’s all about the features, specs, and capabilities!  

When trying to decide if an ATV or UTV is best for your needs, consider these aspects:

Weight and Size
Do you need a vehicle for work or sport?  If you want a vehicle for recreational fun, consider an ATV with a high horsepower to weight ratio.  ATVs are small and can easily maneuver outdoor trails.  If you need a vehicle for towing and cargo, you’ll want an UTV with more weight.  UTVs offer less flexibility in driving but are better equipped to carry more materials.  

According to The Nature Conservancy, an inexperienced operator is 13 times more likely to have an accident than an experienced operator during the first month.  Choosing a vehicle with safety features can make all the difference.  For example, a UTV provides seat belts, side doors and even enclosures while the safety features of an ATV is limited to a helmet.  

Experience counts when riding a recreational vehicle.  No matter what you need a small vehicle for, don’t forget to choose the option that allows you to have fun in your daily life.  Whether you choose an ATV or UTV, you can always expect an enjoyable experience!

With the winter weather coming to a close, it’s time to start gearing up for spring!  At Lad & Lassie’s, we are happy to provide you with the perfect 4 wheeler (ATV) or side by side (UTV) for all of your needs.  With rentals available 7 days a week, feel free to off-road in the mud or prepare your yard for spring.

For more information on Lad & Lassie’s rental rates, please visit or call 815-845-2383.

Friday, December 18, 2015

ATV/UTV for Hunting

Hunting enthusiasts who are also into off-roading can pair their two passions into one outdoor hobby. ATVs and UTVs are both becoming more popular among hunters these days for many reasons. Not only do they give you easy access to wooded locations you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to on foot or even by pickup truck, they can also haul all of your hunting supplies so you don’t have to schlep them around on your back.

Getting to isolated areas is a snap with an ATV or UTV, plus you can easily strap harvested game to the vehicle for the ride home. Safety is a major concern, though. Make sure you have the right ATV and UTV hunting gear to prevent falls, scratches from nearby foliage, and flying debris such as rocks and dirt, advises the CPSC. These hunting accessories include:

  • Helmet: important because it protects your head in the event of a fall, of course, but it also guards against wind, noise, debris and cold.
  • Gloves: to help you grip the controls with more confidence and protect from wind and cold.
  • Tinted goggles: to protect your eyes from the bright sun.
  • Boots: to grip the foot rests more readily and to protect feet and ankles from debris and foliage.
  • Clothing that covers all extremities: long sleeve shirts and pants will prevent sunburn, abrasions, windburn and hypothermia.

From bow racks and device holders to gun racks and luggage racks, you can outfit your ATV or UTV to meet your unique hunting needs. Increase the enjoyment of your outdoor hobby by hopping on your ATV/UTV this season!

At Lad & Lassie’s, we have everything you need for a day of hunting in an ATV//UTV.  Our units seat 2 to 6 people and we offer everything including helmet rental, trail maps and insurance on site!  When you are ready to explore the great outdoors in style, contact the team at Lad & Lassie’s.  To learn more about our rental details and rates, visit today or call 815-845-2383.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Explore The Great Outdoors With Lad & Lassie's

Are you looking for a fun family adventure? Maybe you feel the need to take a break from the humdrum and buzz of technology and modern life? Make tracks to Lad & Lassie's – we understand your need to explore the outdoors and get in touch with Mother Nature! There's no better or more exciting way to spend a day than on an ATV or UTV with your friends and family.

 We have everything you need to express your wild side and let loose for a day or a week in the great outdoors! We offer 2-6 person ATV and UTV rentals along with helmets, trail maps, and insurance year round right here in Scales Mound, IL. You can rent by the hour during the week with a 4-hour minimum or daily on the weekends. Lad & Lassie's is only a short 15-minute drive from Galena, IL where you can hop right on the Wisconsin Trail Systems. If the location is close enough, we'll even deliver on of our 4 wheeler or side-by-sides right to your favorite spot.

Go places you can't go with any other vehicle! ATV's & UTV's are great tools for exploring new roads or blazing new trails. We would like to remind you that it is a powerful, fantastic piece of machinery so safety is important. Here are some frequently asked questions & answers that might be helpful to new and seasoned operators alike. We know you'll have fun so make sure you stay safe and enjoy the excitement found on the trails!

For information on our rates and reservations, visit our website at or call Lyndsay and Megan at 815-845-2383. Don't wait– jump on the trail today and get outside those lines!